Saturday at Camp

We have some unfortunate news to share…

Saturday at Camp, scheduled for December 5, 2020 at Camp Caney, is CANCELLED due to steadily rising safety and health concerns…

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Fall Promotion: September – November, 2020

Get away to Camp Caney for a night or two with your family in this comfortable cabin at beautiful Caney Lake!

camp caney

Camp Caney, a United Methodist operated camp, is a summer camp and retreat center located in the town of Minden, LA. We have a long history of summer camping and now offer a place for any family or business to come together away from the noise and distraction of everyday life.

Camp Caney has 14 cabins, a Recreation Hall, and a Kitchen/Dining hall surrounded by pine trees and sits on the edge of the beautiful lower Caney Lake. We are committed to providing a summer camp experience that will help affirm our young people and expand their faith in God and their service as Christian disciples. Our hope is that they grow in wisdom, self esteem, and develop lifestyles of living interdependently with each other and all of creation.

So whether you are looking for an awesome camping experience, or a beautiful location to hold a retreat, Camp Caney is here for you.

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A tranquil retreat center away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Camp Caney has much to offer! From camping experiences for kids and youth to personal and professional retreats, come get away for a bit to reconnect with others, yourself and God.



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