Retreats for Groups and Companies

neurontin retailers Here at Camp Caney, we know how stressful it can be to plan a retreat. So let us help in any way we can. We provide a professional atmosphere for any business, church, or organization that wishes to use our facility for meetings, conferences, or retreats. We are owned and operated under the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, and are committed to bringing a Christian atmosphere to the children, youth and community no matter their religious background. Whether you need to hold a business get away, family reunion, or sorority/fraternity retreat, we are here for you and we hope you will give us a chance to serve you!

Join Us Soon With updated cabins, beautiful views, and great facilities, you’re bound to have a great time at Caney!

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Cabin Rental

$90 per cabin/per day

$70 per cabin/per day for any Methodist affiliated group.

Each Cabin Contains

Beds for at least 10

Heat and A/C

2 Sink Lavatory

Handicap accessible shower and bathroom

Storage shelves for personal belongings