Caney’s Changing lives!

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Holy ground

“I love Caney because it offered me a place to first hear the whisper of God. Caney is holy ground… a special place, a thin place…where heaven and earth collide… and that sacredness can be sensed during the stillness of a sophomore in high school or the silliness of an elementary student. Caney offers us all, children to adults, an opportunity to open our eyes to the experiences God offers and draw near to our Creator… I can still close my eyes and sense my nearness to God’s grace…”

Sarah Marsalis Luginbill, age 43

god is love

“When I was around 10 or 12 years old, at Caney with my family for CCE, I sat in my camp chair during evening worship and scrawled the phrase “God is Love” across the top of my journal. An echo of the sermon that night, this phrase became a way that I understood my faith and identity in God as I became older. This phrase came to represent Caney in my life. Caney is a place where the pines and the dining hall bell and the smell of the cabins and the sound of the cicadas all speak love and comfort to me. I started going to Caney when I was about 5 years old, hanging on my momma and falling asleep at evening worship. Since then, I’ve grown up at Caney, celebrated its history with my parents who also grew up there, and now continue still to spend every summer there.

I pray that someday when I have kids of my own, I will still have Caney to return to and share with my children.”

Jenna Dobyns, age 20

Godly generations

“I love Camp Caney because it was a big influence in becoming the Christian I am today, and it connected me to lifelong friends. My best Caney memories as a camper were the special last evening worship service and then going out to the dock on the last night of camp with dear friends. As a staff member, it was always great to develop a relationship with the campers, see them grow spiritually, and have them come back the following year! Camp Caney is helping to growing Godly generations. Caney Kids forever!”

Mallory Bryant, age 22

I have heard and seen so many children talk about meeting Christ for the first time at Caney. I cannot think of a better place for a young person to meet Christ. We also have heard many stories from the past 60 years of couples who meet their soul mate at Caney. Not a bad deal, meet Christ and your Love Heart!!

Pat Clawson, age 58

I first went to camp as a junior in High school and, as a painfully shy person, I was given the gift of belonging to a group I had just met. Caney was the first mountain top experience I ever had and revisiting that place has renewed my spirit over and over again, giving me lifelong friends and family. I literally owe the existence of my family to God given connections I found by being at Caney.

Derylin Dobyns, age 56

Camp Caney is where I have had my most special quiet times with God. It is also where I have felt most peaceful and joyful. I support and donate to Caney because of the memories it gave me growing up (and earlier generations in my family). I want it to keep going for further generations too… great memories include making new friends and laughing our heads off, pouring my heart out to mentors, dancing and being creative in a welcoming space.

Robin Westby Owens, age 31

Caney is a place where I always experience the presence of God – through nature and other people… When I was a Youth Director, I had some great one-on-one conversations with youth that would not have happened anywhere else. It was an experience of God’s grace every time.

Gina Jenkins, age 53

I LOVE Caney because it’s a place that creates the feeling of Home. When you are driving past the big fields and past the Minden airport, you get this exciting feeling and finally, when you pass through the gate, you seem to let a big breathe out of relief. — like a sense of no longer having to worry about anything while you are in the safety of those gates.

Shelby Bush Tichenor, age 24

After my sophomore year in high school, I attended CCE at Camp Caney for the first time with my youth group… The one thing I will never forget from that day is walking down towards the lake and on the pier and watching the sunset over the lake for the first time. It was amazing. What I love the most about Camp Caney is that Caney is the place where I learned how important it is to be in community with others in order to grow in my faith. I will always be thankful to Caney and all it’s staff that make it happen.

Ephraim Nitanga, age 30

It’s where I grew up…I learned to water ski at Caney a little over 30 years ago!.. I’ve met some of the most important people in my life at Caney, INCLUDING MY WIFE!

…It is such an incredible tool for introducing others (especially young people) to God…I want my children and grand children to experience Caney for many years to come.

Kenny Morrow, age 46

Camp Caney has given me so much. It’s the place where I first fell in love with Jesus Christ. During my summers as a staff member, it was so beautiful to watch the campers grow spiritually. I also grew so much spiritually during that summer by leading and learning from the campers. Camp Caney is a beautiful and peaceful place that I enjoy coming back to each and every year!

Sydney Garrett, age 19