Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is Caney open this summer?

Camp Caney normally runs 4 weeks of summer camps and hosts other group camps/events throughout the summer. The 4 camps that we were scheduled to run in June are Pre-Camp, Elementary, Jr. High, and Sr. High. Those camps have been cancelled until June of 2021.

We have yet to cancel any other groups who have made reservations with us at this time. We’re still hoping as our health conditions in Louisiana improve, we’ll be able to host larger groups.

As of right now Caney is still available for small groups of 10 or less to reserve camp for retreats and events, which is in line with the recommendations of the LA Department of Education and the LA Department of Health for the safe operation of summer programming.

Make sure to follow our Facebook page so you can get all updates about what’s going on at camp or changes in plans for the summer.

What is Caney's response to COVID-19?

Camp Caney is committed to providing a safe environment for summer interaction in the midst of concerns about COVID-19! We’ve been monitoring Louisiana’s current health conditions, and are using the Governor’s Phase 1 guidelines and the Louisiana Department of Education’s recommendations to guide our decision-making for summer programming. We’re doing what we can to promote social distancing and safe interactions in small groups, and there are a few things we want people to know we’re doing when they plan an event at Caney this summer:   

  1. Limiting group sizes: Day meeting groups (not overnight guests) of up to 25% capacity of the room they reserve. Overnight groups of no more than 10 people will be present at any given place and time.
  2. Limiting staff interactions with groups: Staff will be very minimal and as-needed this summer and will maintain safe social distancing practices.
  3. Diligent cleaning: In situations where more than one group (of 10 or less) may be present, groups will be segregated and any facilities used by both groups will be cleaned between uses. Groups will be asked to  keep their cabins clean daily.
  4. Encouraging groups to do as much as they can outside: This includes eating, games, small groups, activities, worship, etc. We even plan to set up a couple of tents around campus to have some shaded areas!

We hope you’ll bring your group to Caney this summer for a safe, fun time!

What facilities does Caney offer?

We have updated cabins, beautiful views, and a myriad of facilities for small and large groups.

Check out a map of our campus here.

Learn more about our facilites here.

What should my camper bring?
  • Food (if you are planning on preparing your own)
  • No candy or food in cabins, please
  • Toilet articles (toilet paper and hand soap is provided)
  • Pillow
  • Bedding for a twin size bed
  • Towels (full size and hand towels)
  • Bathing Suit
  • Bible
  • Notepad and pen

Canteen will be open at every camp at least once per day.  The cost of most items is $1.

Please do not bring:TVs – Radios – Tape Players – Tobacco – Drugs – Guns of any kind – Cell Phones – Alcohol – Practical Jokes

What should I bring for my retreat?

All visitors spending the night at Camp Caney will need:

  • Food (if you are planning on preparing your own)
  • No candy or food in cabins, please
  • Toilet articles (toilet paper and hand soap is provided)
  • Pillow
  • Bedding for a twin size bed
  • Towels (full size and hand towels)

Please do not bring: Drugs – Guns of any kind – Cell Phones – Alcohol – Practical Jokes

Is there WIFI at the camp?

Due to our location, there is not public wifi available. We hope you’ll use time at Caney to “unplug” and connect with each other!

Can I bring my Camper? ATV? Boat?

With 3 hook ups for RVs, you are welcome to bring yours! Please contact the Camp Managers for more information. NO ATVs allowed at Camp Caney. Consultation with the Camp Managers is required if you’re hoping to bring your boat to camp.

What about Parking?

We have plenty of parking available at camp! Please contact camp managers if you have questions or concerns.

What recreational activities is Caney equipped for?

When it’s warm outside, we have a lake with a dock, and we encourage our visitors to swim if they so desire. Canoes are available through consultation with the Camp Managers prior to your visit. When it’s cold outside we have a fire pit where you can bring s’mores for roasting! We have a basketball court, volleyball court, and gaga ball pit, and a large field suitable for throwing a football, kicking around a soccer ball, running, and lots of other activities. Our Recreation Hall is equipped with a 9 square court and has room for an assortment of games and exercises. You’re always welcome to walk the grounds of Camp Caney and explore.

Are your grounds accessible for those with disabilities?

Yes! Camp Caney’s buildings are accessible by ADA standards. However, because Caney has lots of hills to navigate, please contact the Camp Managers if you use a wheelchair or have accessibility concerns, and they will do what they can to enable you so that your experience at Caney will be a good one.

Do you have a Chapel?

Our West Outdoor Chapel by the cabins on the way to the lake is equipped for seating about 35-40 people. We’re excited about our brand new North Outdoor Worship area that overlooks the lake through the pines and seats a few more. We’re currently fundraising for a project that will result in a chapel building in the future! Until we build a chapel, the Recreation Hall is multi-purpose and can be used for recreation and for worship.

Does Camp Caney have a social media presence?

Yes, we do! Be sure to follow us on Facebook. You can see our page here!

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